Bonded By Blood

Pomona, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Thrash / Metal
Earache Records
At the turn of the 21st century, the Crong had fulfilled their undercover quest for global domination. The masses of the people had been deceived. The complete structure of the world's governments had been nothing more than a coldly calculated scheme for complete and total world domination, aimed solely at one purpose - human genetic encryption. They were the "men" behind the curtains, the ruling elite pulling the strings, and a desperate, dying race. For millennia, the Crong had been banished, deprived, and exiled to earth. No longer able to breed as a cybernetic species, they found that the key to their survival laid hidden deep within the human genetic code. In order to obtain this, they needed to divert the people's attentions elsewhere. The world's population reduction program had begun. First, there was the calculated collapse of the world's economy. Then war, parasitic plague, and anarchy soon followed. Starvation and genocide spread like wildfires. The age of endless wars had begun. One by one, the world powers disappeared from the face of the planet. Entire nations and continents were wiped out by bombs. The systematic separation and segregation of humans soon followed. Specimens were gathered, placed, and imprisoned in designated sectors for genetic experiments. Most of the remaining humans, no longer able to resist, willingly accepted and welcomed the segregation as "salvation". The Crong had placed out the bait and we took it. An end to war, famine, and pain; a One World Government! Those who resisted faced imprisonment, persecution, and ultimately death as they were labeled enemies to humanity. Now, here we are, approximately six-hundred years after the bomb, hidden safely in an underground vault. No one knows much about the future on the surface above, beyond what we have already stated, but we are soon to find out. We form part of a skilled tactical group of warriors whose mission is nearly, if not, impossible - to completely dismantle the Crong, overthrow their intergalactic regime over our planet and take back what's rightfully ours! In times of great adversity, the courage of few will prosper over those who conspire against them. Will you survive against those who are Exiled to Earth?

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