California, US
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Country / Americana / Rockabilly
Big Jugs is your Grandpa's favorite country band, but don't expect to find the album anywhere around his house. He won't bring it out at Thanksgiving while the family sits down at the bird. And no, you won't find the record in the front room between his Merle and Willie vinyl. Grandma may not even know the album exists. You see, Grandpa hides it out in the barn next to his old ass kickin boots. It's from a time when he used to spit tobacco in the face of danger, drink whiskey till sun was rising and knock the dickens out of any man who wore a sour grin. He even had his own robe down at the local bordello, where he seldom had to pay. And his favorite band was BIG JUGS.

"The sextet who make up the controversial, semi-offensive, but always humorous Santa Barbara band Big Jugs aren’t afraid to say it: They love big jugs. The boys of Big Jugs love a number of other things, too, but due to strict codes of ethics, those things can’t be listed here. Nevertheless, their special brand of knee-slappin’, rockabilly-meets-psychobilly is all in the business of novelty (think Larry the Cable Guy’s famous catchphrase “Git r done”). And it seems their shtick has caught on, as Big Jugs can be caught performing somewhere in the tri-county area almost every weekend between now and late October. In past months they did just as well, opening for The Devil Makes Three when they played Stateside earlier this year.
But was stardom the band’s original goal? “Well, we wanted to play music that wouldn’t be too hard to play if we were really drunk,” banjo player Vegas Washington recalled. “Too many people take music?—?especially their music?—?way too seriously. We wanted to play really fun stuff that gave everyone listening a good time. We didn’t know if everyone would get it, but it seems to be working.”
So what should a casual fan expect when Big Jugs play live? Pretty much anything. Musically speaking, the sixpiece creates quite the scene, employing a mandolin, guitars, snare drums, saws, washboards, an upright bass, and, of course, a heavy helping of swear words. But it’s all in good fun, the band promises. And fun they have?—?lots of it. — Lisa Engelbrektson -Santa Barbara News Press 08/10/2009
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