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Black Metal / Thrash
Crush Until Madness records (USA)
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST was spawned at the beginning of the second milleniun around middle 1999 and year 2000 under the first name Nyarlathotep by Satanael (Bestial Rrroar guitars) Morbid Jesus (hammer of deathstruction) Azathoth ( bassawww) and Boreas (Regurgitations). The Reasons for creating this black order was to spread the worst feelings procreated by satan, darkness, rotting of mankind and apocalyptic visions for this wasted world! we just made Satan spoke through our tongues and vomit the hell through our mouths!!!

After many rehearsals and Live shows around Bolivia we made an official demo the year 2003 called "ODIO Y MUERTE" on a limited tape version of 666 satan-penis-numbered, the reviews and the underground response was great even for a un-wellknown band coming from a cradle country like Bolivia. Musically totally far away from any other typically Black/death metal act, it was a vomit of hybrid satanic inspiration.

The year 2004 we signed a deal with German label Necromancer Records(and after leaving the band Morbid Jesus and Azathoth) we entered to MUTANTE estudios to record the first cursed Ep called "PACTO CON SATAN" edited on black vinyl and limited to a small quantity (444 copies world). The recording was supported by new members replacing old ones Loki Antigod Devastator (Warfare noise drums) and Asmodeus (Bassawww) on their weapons.

During year 2005 vocalist Boreas leave the band and Asmodeus was dismissed, again line-up was broken, a new member Lord Mephisto joined (Bassassination); at this point Satanael took vocals and the band returned to FUSION studios to record one new song called "Legion" for a 4 way split vinyl 7"ep called "Evil Conquest Of The World" (to be available for Early 2006 due many delaying) recorded on co-release of 4 labels: Demon's Pride Productions, Deathrash Armageddon Prod,
Necromancer Records, Infernal Blood Records

Also a new 7"ep vinyl will come out soon on Terranis Productions called "Primigenia Invocacion" one unreleased song appears on this vinyl plus 2 demo songs as bonus.

After spending time out writing new songs in the next months, without live-shows since one year and half, the band finally found a new vocalist Sonia Sepulcral(Bestial Pandemonium RrrOooAaaRrr) on this way the band entered once more time to record the first full lenght debut album entitled "FINAL EXTERMINACION", which contains 8 songs of pure black/deathrashing madness expulsed from the South of Hell!!! The Gatefold LP came out on Crush Until Madness and Desire of Goat Productions did the CD version

BESTIAL HOLOCAUST is coming back from the Depths with a new upcoming split with Nuclear Desecration that will be on Back and Red wax with a nice insert ! release date June 2008.

The Split with the mighty SURRENDER OF DIVINITY on Pic Disc 7" EP is finally released on Deathrash Armageddon from Japan !

Also the new and 2nd full length called "Temple Of Adoration" CD is now available for PRE ORDER !
A noble vinyl version is currently at the plant (release date: April / May 2009). There will be 8 tracks w/ a bonus track on 3 different vinyl versions. 12" Pic Disc LP / 12" LP / 12" LP on colored vinyl for bestial maniacs !


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