Ben Hoffmann

Berlin, Ge
Artist / Band / Musician
Minimalist / House / Techno
Label: | Neuton 555
Ben Hoffmann is a music producer who is mainly active in Berlin and Germany. His interest for producing electronic music started very early when he was 11, his first live act was 2004. During the years he played many live sets from Karlsruhe to Osnabrück, from Jena to Frankfurt and at Greece - but mainly in Berlin. Though he supports the underground scene he also played at parties on Weekend Roof Terrace, Arena Club, Deep and Bunker f.e. He played together with André Galluzzi, Kiki, Savas Pascalidis, Oliver Koletzki, Frank Martiniq, Lexy, Jake Fairley, Anja Schneider, Marcel Fengler, AKA AKA, Mutlu and many more.
Ben released 4 Vinyls yet on Balkon, Neuton and Mainakustik - the vinyl on Neuton got a 5/5 rating in the well-known magazine "Rave Line". He is working on several projects with Matt Star (International Freakshow) and Sunday Luv (Bar 25). Ben studies Philosophy and Musicology. From august 2010 to summer 2011 he took a break because he became father.
2006 | Blaou (Berlin) with Dixon, Woody, Mitja Prinz, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Kissogram and more
2007 | Balkon (Barcelona) with Dario Zenker, Florian Meindl and more
2007 | Neuton 555 (Frankfurt) with Daniel Mehlhart and more - Panorama Biker - Raveline 5/5 Rating
2009/10 | Main Akustik & Starbugs (Frankfurt) with Matt Star, Leicher and more
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