Dr. Gonzo - When The Lights Went Down - Video
i always wear green to be seen not as mean rather through dreams it always seems lost my self esteem if flew out the window with the litter like the sonic cup so baby pucker up and kiss my sexy lips I'm super slick well not really people always think my silliness is killing seriousness bliss synonymous to ignorance wait I mean ignorance is bliss or something like that girlfriends husband hit my head with a baseball bat cause I thought she was a human I think I'm gonna sue him abogado jim lane big shout out to jim lane cause he kept me outta jail when my head was insane when I believed in david blaine and tried to drown myself too cept I took it too far passed out turned blue I never know that I could die and I could fly to the high sky looked for heaven got lost turned around and cried I rap in single syllables to make sure that im heard dr. gonzo always clear, never feared, so never slurred. But that can get boring so let's step it up a notch I made out with Madison and it so happens I love when she grabs on my crotch
emergency orphaces bleeding I don't give a fuck you will not say a mutter
there will be no exceptions mother fucker did you hear me stutter?
You used to be strong like an eagle now all you've got is a weak ass little flutter
Now look what I've done to your dignity on the par 4 you just carry a putter
Like in putt putt so just shut up and let me do the talking Stephen hawking isn't walking only talking through a voice changer my name is dr. gonzo nick Gonzales doppleganger. Should've been a texas ranger
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