Batisfera - Earth - I'm Walking (Dynamic Range 13) - Video
From Album "Solar Wind - The Inner Circle" 2012

Distibuited by Mals Records (Mals 394)

The band

Oleg Anurin: Vocal, Flute, Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Rhodes piano, Grand Piano, Didgeridoo (on Earth)

Michael Zonov: Electro Guitar, 12-string guitar, vargan (on Earth)

Michael Heifets: Drums

Vladimir Kislyakov: Bass


Vladimir Kislyakov: Bass
Mike Volokh: Doudouk (on Mars)
Aleksander Movsesyan: Kemancha, Kemani (on Mars)
Roman Savin: Vargan (on Earth)

Production And Mastering: Mike Zonov, Oleg Anurin, Roman Savin

Recorded at "Silence Records" and "Studio RGSI"

The following compositions used in the concept:

A.Zatsepin - music to the "The mystery of the third planet" animation movie
C.Debussy - Clai De Lune
John "Dizzy" Gillespie - Night in tunisia

Analyzed: Batisfera / Solar Wind - The Inner Circle 2012

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR14 -0.50 dB -17.46 dB 13:57 01-The Sun You re My Son
DR15 -0.25 dB -18.39 dB 2:17 02-Transition A
DR13 -0.54 dB -16.37 dB 9:08 03-Mercury Who I am?
DR11 -4.60 dB -20.60 dB 0:49 04-Transition B
DR13 0.00 dB -16.42 dB 11:13 05-Venus BroughtYouRosesEverySunday
DR13 -2.44 dB -18.14 dB 3:28 06-Transition C
DR14 -1.35 dB -17.83 dB 13:16 07-Earth I'm walking
DR10 -7.27 dB -21.40 dB 2:12 08-Transition D
DR13 -1.68 dB -17.77 dB 12:15 09-Mars Four Years Since
DR11 -4.17 dB -18.31 dB 0:54 10-Transition E
DR13 -1.07 dB -16.33 dB 10:21 11-Phaeton Don t touch me!

Number of tracks: 11
Official DR value: DR13
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