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Cali, Colombia - a land with an abundance of culture so colorfully rich that it can only be equally complimented by the breathtaking beauty of its people. It is a place where the pulse of a nation is so strong you do not just see it - you feel and experience it in the seductive rhythms of Salsa, the leveling generosity of the people, and the timelessness of a land so deeply rooted in faith and family that one is immediately humbled when there.

Latin America, South America, Cali, Colombia - the beginning of AZTEK ESCOBAR - the heritage of Aztek Escobar.

Look closely enough and you will find a great deal of irony in the history and character of this young man. There is, in fact, another face to The Madonna of Cali, Colombia. The social struggle, political turmoil, and economic uncertainty of his family's country embody striking similarities to the path that Aztek has traveled throughout his 20 years.

As a youth Aztek was constantly fighting - both in and outside of the boxing ring. After having seen him in more than a few street brawls, one OG Mexican in Houston - the city in which Aztek was raised - decided the best name for the youth would be Lil'Aztek, meaning Little Warrior. After he passed, the Little Warrior adopted the name in honor of his guardian. Aztek did more than simply adopt the name because it was given to him - Houston's tremendous Mexican population is the source of Aztek's many friendships. He has a bond with the people of Mexico that no one can break. And with his name, he also honors the people of Mexico.
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