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Yerevan, AM
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R&B / Club / Pop
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Blending hip hop, jazz, ethnic and electro, and injecting it with commercial appeal, Apricota’s sound could barely be pigeonholed, but yet there does exist a signature sound which has been creating a number of Armenian pop anthems over the past year.

Hayk Harutyunyan and H.A. DerHova (a.k.a. Mark Ryan) first teamed up in 2006 to produce the year’s Armenian pop hit “Qami Pchi”.

The idea of launching a new production crew, that will strive to bring new rhythms and sounds to Armenian commercial music, came about over a meeting with Hayk’s long time friend Hayk “Alas” Hovhannisyan.

As Alas moved abroad for the next few months, DerHova composed and produced “Mi Patmutyun” by HAYQ, while Hayk worked with new-comer R.P. Their second collaboration was the production of R.P.’s eclectic “Kapuyt Trchun”, along with a cameo debut in the music video.

After the return of Alas in early 2007, members of Apricota have been continuing to produce a number of hits for existing local singers (such as Sofi Mkheyan, Suzie and 4 Tarberak), as well as up and coming artists (R.P., Lilu, Dika, and more.)

Sometimes working collectively, other times individually, their goals are the same … to create memorable commercial hits with the most thriving lyrical and melodic hooks.
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