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Cincinnati born, Cali raised--Man first, Artist, Rapper, RockStar and Innovator ANT D.O.G. is at the peak of his game, smashing crowds from coast to coast with his laid-back, yet hard-as-nails style. ANT D.O.G. comes correct with an arsenal of lyrical skills that only a sixteen-year veteran could posses. Ant D.O.G. has been featured on numerous records in the last ten years, including a platinum record with Master P, West Coast Bad Boys 1, as well as recordings with Ray Luv, San Quinn, JT the Bigga Figga, Shock G, Messy Marv, Mac Mall, Young Dre, Crimeseen (his rock band) and many other high-profile Bay Area artists. Holding down raps for three different groups is just another day's work for an O.G. like ANT D.O.G., so don't be surprised when he pops up onstage rocking out, rapping or just straight mac'n. Nothin' can get in the way of this freight train and it's heading right at cha.

ANT D.O.G. Founded his first label, Big Eddie Recordings and released Ray Luv's "Coup D' Etat" and "Prince In Exile" from 1998 to 2001. In 2003, ANT D.O.G., Started yet another label K.I.S.S. ENT. and released his solo debut album, "Life On Wax," and was immediately recognized as one of the most promising artists of the underground music scene. In 2006 ANT D.O.G. thru his label, K.I.S.S. Ent., Released his second album, "DOGS'HIT," which expanded his fan base and solidified his place in the hip-hop world. Now in June2008 he upgraded his label to, KISS MUSIC GROUP and has a new album about to be released.

ANT D.O.G recently founded a new rap group, Tha MoneyStarz and is in the process of laying tracks for the group's first release: "Keep Your Eyes On Tha Money".
Tha MoneyStarz: are all about getting scratch and doing it big, REAL BIG! they are currently held up in the lab, grinding away for this much-anticipated group album, slated for release in mid 2010.

A few fun facts you might not know: ANT D.O.G. opened for RUN DMC, his first show performance then opened for Carlos Santana on the main yard of San Quinten Prison in 1992 w/Ray Luv and has gone on to work and perform with many industry greats. His musical versatility is not limited to expression via hip-hop; he moonlights with the cutting-edge political rock band Crimeseen, which received a California Music Award for Best Emerging Artist in 2004 and recently signed a distribution deal with Thizz Entertainment.

Get ready to usher in the next era in music with ANT D.O.G. (A nigga thats deep on game) Combining a lifetime of street knowledge with historical perspective and a razor-sharp intellect, ANT D.O.G. uses music as a vehicle to inspire listeners to political action. As a 16-year veteran of the music industry and a lifetime veteran of the game, ANT D.O.G. brings more to the booth than egotistical ramblings about bling, whips and grillz. His tracks vary in theme and message, ranging from the street prayer To My People and the ghetto love song Candy Girl, to hard-hitting cuts like So What and Cold-Blooded, ensuring all listeners can relate to his music. D.O.G. is intricately involved in every aspect of his music, from writing his own lyrics to co-producing music and co-directing videos.

His unique sound has matured since his first solo release, Life on Wax, in 2003, and his second solo release, DOG'S HIT has boosted his fan base and further established D.O.G. as one of the brightest new stars on the musical scene. He's currently hard at work on his much-anticipated third solo album, set for release in early 2009. Preliminary tracks from "ITS A RAP" are already creating a stir among those in the know. He's part Martin Luther King, part Al Capone and part Marvin Gaye, ANT D.O.G. is a Renaissance man for the new millennium. Personal experiences have refined D.O.G.s musical prowess and honed his skills to the point where he is poised to break out of the underground and take the mainstream music world by storm. With a resume chronicling a stint teaching African-American history at UC Berkeley, SSU, Cal and the successful launch of two independent record labels, it is clear D.O.G. is capable of stretching himself along multiple vectors.

ANT D.O.G. has the experience, wisdom and intellect to step up the rap game and act as a catalyst for social reform. ANT D.O.G. ascribes to a personal philosophy promoting intercultural tolerance, understanding and respect with a focus on family. His credo is personified by the syndicates he has founded: Tha Link Crew and Tha MoneyStarz. Both are collaborative coalitions dedicated to the betterment of all members and Tha Link Crew has chapters across the nation. Much like the Harlem Commonwealth Council, both syndicates pool resources to re-invest in the streets and help build economic clout from which political power may be derived. The world is ready for music with a message and ANT D.O.G. has something significant to say about it -- and he delivers his message with a unique and compelling style that's earned him a reputation as a guaranteed crowd - Pleaser.

When you're ready for the next era of music, ANT D.O.G. is ready for you. On point and on time, ANT D.O.G. is the future of hip-hop.

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