anita camarella

Artist / Band / Musician
Swing / Acappella / Acoustic
I was born in Varese, an Italian little city at the feet of Alps also called "The Garden City".
Immediately after my childhood, from 10 to 19, I dedicated my energy and efforts to study the violin.
When I was 13, I started studying the art of singing and classical technique and I became part of the polyphonic Choir 'Santa Maria Del Monte', the leader in Renaissance Sacred and Modern Music, with which I performed abroad.
In these years, I developed a strong passion for the music of the Middle Ages and for 2 years I developed my knowledge studying Baroque techniques.
At 19 I was one of the promoters of the 'Florilegio Ensemble' group in which, during the following 7 years, I performed in concerts and exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. In this group I sang and also played the viella and micanon (two medieval particular instruments).
At this time I became interested in developing a variety of modern vocal styles and I began to study jazz and blues.
Afterwards, I concentrated my studies on physiological approach of voice and I had the chance to improve my knowledge of vocalization by attending qualified courses in Physiology, Pedagogy and Modern Vocal Aesthetic.
One of my passions is teaching so, since about 15 years, I regularly teach singing and I do workshops in different schools of music and consult for various Chorus and Vocal Groups.
I have performed in many groups but since the year 2000 I perform in Duo with guitarist Davide Facchini. Together we have have toured extensively in Italy, in Europe and in the United States.
Radio Stations of United States, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, France, Tunisia and Italy have broadcasted our music.
An other passion of mine is decoration and I collaborate with the luthier Fabio Munari decorating his guitars with a wood-burn.

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1994 "Et Habitavit in Nobis"
with the "Santa Maria del Monte", Polyphonic Choir of Sacred and Renaissance Music.

1997 "Florilegio Ensemble" - Music of Italic XV Century
with the homonymous group of Popular Music of XV Century.

1999 "Beatles for trio"
with the guitars group "Trio Chitarristico di Varese".

2000 "O Tempo Bono" - Music at the Aragonese Court of Naples
with the "Florilegio Ensemble" Group.

2002 "Quei motivetti che ci piaccion tanto!" - Italian Swing of years '40s
with the guitarist Davide Facchini.

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