Ande Rasmussen

Austin, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Country / Acoustic
Ande Rasmussen is an award winning songwriter from Martindale Texas (near Austin) Ande is a Grammy voting member and a Texas Grammy Governor.

Ande is on myspace to discover great singers, artists, people, and songs, and to share songs he's cowritten. ANDE'S EMAIL: AndeRasmussen(at)aol(dot)com ANDE'S cell Phone number
512-217-2728 for more info drop by
you can hear MORE of Ande's SONGS at


Are you a singer who's looking for original songs to try out, perform, or record?

Please Browse through Ande's song catalog at

You may hear somehting you LOVE and if you DO PLEASE let me know.



Ande is the editor and publisher of the ezine
"Inspirations for Songwriters" read by over 4,000 songwriters.

To receive IFS send an empty email to

Ande loves to write about talented songwriters, great singers, stories behind songs, anything that will prod and inspire IFS readers to CREATE and continue believing in their songwriting dreams and striving towards it.


Ande isn't interested in MYSPACE SPAM. Blatant spamming messagers and commenters please know this: If you send me a private message and I don't know you and you are just promoting your music and don't say anything at all about ME in your message, in a manner that is spam-like, like you're just copying the same message and just sending it to person after person, I probably will just delete it without checking you out and listening to your music. I LOVE to FIND great new artists and music; however I also like to connect with people on a much higher level than being the obvious recipient of a bulk spam message that doesn't even say Dear Ande.
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