Lars Wiik (Aluco)

Oslo, NO
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Ambient / Acoustic
Even dogs laugh at iTunes

Lars Wiik started his career with a roll of black garbage bags and scotch tape. His intention was to cover his childhood bedroom in Hamar with plastic. Sitting in an aroma of candle wax and plastic, he wrote the music that resulted in a nomination for the 1998 “Spellemannpris” (a Norwegian music award), in the metal category.

In the following 12 years, Lars Wiik has travelled a long journey, and his musical expression has taken a completely different turn. He has tried his hands on a variety of genres before we reached 2010. Lars has made his mark on the Norwegian musical scene through his nomination for (" the artist of the week") at a national radio station, producing music to a number of different films and his performance in “by:Larm”.

“Even dogs laugh” is a movingly well-created EP, and a small taste of Lars Wiiks album, which will be released in the beginning of 2011.

If you like listening to Beach boys, Daniel Johnston, Radiohead, Architecture in Helsinki and Bob Dylan, chances are you will enjoy Lars Wiiks EP “Even dogs laugh”.

“Even dogs laugh” will be released on June 5th, by Knirk audio.
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