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Al Shire Guitar*Vocals*Punk Rocker: The day I saw the Sweet Child O' Mine video where Slash walks up to the camera and plugs in that sunburst Les Paul is the moment I knew I would play music, says 29-year-old singer, guitarist and songwriter Al Shire. He's my biggest influence and Appetite for Destruction is the best rock album ever. Welcome to the newly untangled jungle of Shires pop-punk past. A mainstay for more than a decade on Austins fervent music scene, Shire could more quickly count his numerous tattoos than the series of bands hes helped lead. In 2006, however, the counting stops at one as Shire goes solo. I decided to go solo because I got fed up with having to deal with the diplomacy of being in a band, Shire says. There is so much nonsense that goes on when you have to deal with people that are not on the same page as you. Currently writing and recording the next chapter of his musical pages, Shire maintains his pop-punk pedigree while adding new
elements to the ever-expanding boundaries of his comfort zone. With this project, I am working the acoustic guitar into the mix to give the sound a little more texture, he says. I also think my songwriting has matured. Among Shires new songs is Fate Out of Tragedy, which adds an unlikely trumpet outro to a hopeful song about finding the silver lining in the wake of immeasurable loss. I wrote Fate Out of Tragedy for my fiancée, Jenn, before she went back to New Orleans for a semester of school, Shire says. It's basically my feelings on how amazing I think it is that in a situation like Hurricane Katrina where so many people lost so much, I found the love of my life and my soul mate. Other recent titles include High Heels, Sunken In and Merle, which is an accidental tribute of sorts. Merle is simply about the hardships that come along with playing in a band, Shire explains. The title has nothing to do with the song, really, but I named it after my cat when he passed away. Joining Shire in the studio and on stage is a revolving cast of characters, including Ronnie James (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Terry Irwin (Pretty the Quick Black Eyes, Shaft: El Grupo de Rock), Ed McNames (Five Ton Chicken, Tribal Nation), Javier Gomez (Superzero), Ian Walling (The Independents), El Gump (The Sweethearts) and Mark Wilson (Burning Spear). While a complete album is in the works, Shires latest offerings can be heard at Give it a listen. And if you dont like it, blame it on Guns N Roses. -- David GlessnerPimp My Profile

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AL SHIRE on a Brazilian Music Show being taped during SXSW 2008:

Alex Arizpe Benefit
By Chris Gray
Published: May 22, 2008
Saturday, May 24, at the Meridian, 1503 Chartres, 713-225-1717.
Subject(s): Alex Arizpe Benefit, Meridian

Benefits are by nature bittersweet occasions, but the best ones brim with an ­endorphin-arousing mixture of music and fellowship that blots out — temporarily, at least — whatever dire circumstances made them necessary in the first place. That ought to be the case Saturday, when veterans of Houston's punk/hardcore trenches reconvene to aid one of their own: Alex Arizpe, alumnus of Badger, The Tie That Binds, Sore Loser, Beast and most recently the Business Machines, the hard-­rocking Houstonians Arizpe accompanied to Los Angeles in 2003. The drummer was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing costly chemotherapy, so his buddy Al Shire, who now runs Austin's Wide Eyed Booking, organized this show and another the night before at Austin's Red 7. Headlining in Houston is 30FootFall, who refuse to let widely varying zip codes prevent them from materializing when needed, as well as reunion sets by The Tie That Binds (minus Arizpe, for obvious reasons) and Lake Jackson pre-emo trio Pretty Boys. If you missed them at iFest, psychedelic AOR-smiths Spain Colored Orange will provide another preview of still-unreleased second album Sneaky Like a Villain, while Shire's LJ All-Stars and local ska-thrashers Molotov Compromise round out the bill. Tickets are $10 either in advance or at the door.

NEW SHIRTS ARE IN!!!! $15 postage paid!!!! Adult: L, XL Girls: S, M, L, XL

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