AdriAnne Lenker

Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Pop / Folk Rock

I've been on a beautiful musical journey so far. The evolution of my music and also of my soul can be watched in all of my projects, like a film projector reeling through the scenes of my life. I would like to say thank you to those of you who have been walking with me. Whether we created together or you have supported me through your listening, I am so grateful. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the experiences I've had, each one of them shaping me into who I am now. Each album was like a chapter in my life. Now I feel I'm entering a new one, rich with songs illuminated by new light. I hope you all will continue filling the pages of this story with me, as I know it is one worth reading.

If you'd like to know my story and all the chapters in my musical career leading up to this point, you can check out my autobiography.

Read AdriAnne's Autobiography

“I saw her perform in Chicago with an audience largely consisting of musicians.
She held this group of professionals enraptured, and we all found one
thing unbelievable and asked each other the same question as one voice: ‘Is
she really 14?’ Apparently so, and she’s a little like Jewel, except tougher, and
a little like Liz Phair, but not quite as edgy. She writes a heckofa song.”

–Tim Cain, Herald & Review
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