Adam Brock

Portland, Oregon, US
Artist / Band / Musician
I lost myself on the way.
i play instruments all on my lonesome. i play drums in the band Logs, and bass guitar in Carrionspring.

A bio can null the preternatural of an artist's work The recognition of an artist is in fact due to the relation with his work, not to his lifealthough achievements and progressions along the highway to hell surely can, in any way, help to mold the shape of punk to come. Never in art has ones' blemishes, ones' hobby, employment, height weight and/or dick size mattered in art.never has ones' financial situation, grade point average, sense of fashion, health status, level of popularity, or type of car driven affected the feelings one gets from the impact of another's art unto them. Only sheer love and passion can I speak of to you, or better yet, id rather just share the same compassion and desperation that sinks oh so deep inside of me, from the likes ooof sssay. Screeching Weasel's "My right", or Mogwai's "Punk rock".Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine", NoFX's "The Decline".Elliott Smith's "Tomorrow tomorrow"."Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" or the movement of bands like The Refused or Godspeed! You Black Emporer.or from all that was left behind from Lennon, or what's yet to be discovered in the depths of some used vinyl section or diy distro. Im all about travels and stories, pens and pencils, guitars and drums, microphones and speakers, cameras and films, life and death, history and future, alcohol and smoke, people and animals, skateboards and bicycles, paintbrushes and charcoal, sun and moon, books and zines, bars and riversides, coffee and cigarettes, tea and tofu, mixtapes and dollarstores, streets and mountains, awareness and rebellion, friends and strangers.(but most of all) fucking rock and roll.

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